“Maoz” IDF Preparatory Yeshiva (Mechina)

Maoz is a preparatory Yeshiva for boys before they enter the IDF. Maoz’s mission is to instill in these young men the love for Torah and for the people of Israel. Besides learning, the boys are active in many acts of kindness of “chesed” in and around the neighborhood.

During the Lod riots, the Beit Midrash was broken into, and the Arabs set fire to the Talmud books and tables.

Out of that destruction and heartbreak, we started immediately with renovating and renewing the beit midrash, which became a symbol of our ability to persevere and grow even after devastating events.

Our answer to our enemies who wanted us to flee from the city is that we are here to stay and we will strengthen our resolve and roots with more and more Torah learning.

The Hadar Goldin program for alumni – This program is named after Lieutenant Hadar Goldin OBM who fell, and whose body was kidnapped in Gaza during Operation Defensive Shield in 2014. In this program, the Rabbis from Maoz stay in touch with the alumni of the Mechina who are serving in the army.

They learn with them Torah and Talmud which uplifts the spirits of these soldiers.

Each year, there are more and students who finish the program at Maoz.

We truly believe that many of these alumni will be future pillars of our communities in Lod.