May riots 2021


The Lod riots, May 2021

About a year ago, many of our institutions we harmed or destroyed during the May riots in Lod 2021 that occurred during the “Shomer Hachomot (guardians of the Wall)” Operation.

The Beit Midrash of the Maoz pre-army IDF preparatory Mechina was set on fire

Three classrooms of the Talmud Torah Maoz Chaim were burnt down to sender

The Dosa Shul was damaged by Arab arsonists during the riots

Beit haknesset yeshuuat HASHAM..

Along with the violence and these fires that threatened our lives, we also felt  a great light of chassed from God through the support and love from many of Am Yisrael from Israel and from around the world.

Thousands of our brothers and sisters came to be with us in our time of need, people left the safety of their homes and family to come and help the Jewish families throughout the city Lod.

From the love and miracles that we experienced in those five days of riots in May that we realized that we are in the midst of a national mission, of Zionism 2022.

This mission is to improve the lives of all the citizens of Lod, because it is truly a great, unique, warm, and special city to live in.

Please join us and take part in being part of history in the making of Lod. We are all Lodaim!