Ramat Eskol neighborhood

Ramat Eshkol has an Arab majority (70%) living side by side with a Jewish minority (30%).
Ramat Eshkol went through a challenging year during the four days of the riots.
There was much damage done to Jewish residences, cars were destroyed and the shul and Mechina were damaged by arsonists.

As people with a strong belief in God, we see great importance in rebuilding and making particular progress in times of crisis and need. This neighborhood and the community within have grown in significant numbers in the last year.

Currently, there are over 75 young families and 85 university students living in this neighborhood. Together with the elderly population of the neighborhood, they have joined together to make a vibrant and diverse community of more than 250 Jewish households. Sounds of construction and renewal are seen and heard in places that the rioters have destroyed. In addition, there were thousands who came to tour the neighborhood and  helped the community get through the hard times. Those living now in Ramat Eshkol do so with great pride and with a sense of mission for the land of Israel