“The Story of Lod”- Zionistic Tours

After the Lod riots in May 2021, many Israelis wanted to come to Lod to get to know the story of Lod up close. Tours were established by residents of Lod and in cooperation with “Beshvilod” that operates in the area throughout the year. Thousands of people from all walks of life, both privately and as part of organized trips by institutions and schools came to tour the city and here about Lod’s unique Jewish history from the time of Rabbi Akiva and the other Tanaim, through Israel’s War of Independence, the riots in Lod and the current situation in Lod.

Throughout the tour they here about all the chessed and meaningful projects happening in the different neighborhoods in Lod. They finish the day with a new understanding, perspectives and insight on Lod and the role it plays in the Zionistic vision of Am Yisrael.